Thank You Gifts

For your donation of $180 you will receive Chabad's artfully embroidered official Dancing Rabbi "To Life" baseball cap.

For your donation of $360.00 you will receive this beautiful Shabbat Candle lithograph, designed by the gifted artist Yosef Oseary, that portrays a sense of tranquility and which will illuminate your hearts and home with the message of light and peace.

For your donation of $500 you can grace your Shabbat table with this elegant Challah cover, created by the world renowned artist Kharlene Boxenbaum, and which surely will enhance the joy and happiness of your day of rest.

For your donation of $1,000.00 you will receive this masterfully desgined multi-colored plate, from the world famous artist Yaacov Agam, depicting Chabad's dancing Rabbis. This beautiful piece, designed especially for Chabad, is sure to bring the message of joy and happiness into your home.

For your donation of $1,800, you can adorn your home with this beautiful Mezuzah lithograph. designed by the famed artist Michael Schwartz, depicting the bestowing of G-d's blessings from the beginning of the Shema through the last sentence of the Mezuzah: "to grant you and your children long life".

For your donation of $3,600 you will receive this colorful, limited addition lithograph, designed by the world famous Yaakov Agam around the theme of the biblical verse: "How goodly, Jacob, are your tents", expressing that one's home should be the recipient of all the goodly Divine blessings.

Please give generously; help Chabad continue bringing life and belief to all (regardless of race, creed or color) for the next 35 years. 

  • $3,600

    Limited edition lithograph, designed by Yaakov Agam

  • $1,800

    Mezuzah lithograph designed by Michael Schwartz

  • $1,000

    Masterfully desgined multi-colored plate by Yaacov Agam

  • $500

    Elegant Challah cover by Kharlene Boxenbaum

  • $360

    Shabbat Candle Lithograph


  • $180

    Dancing Rabbi "To Life" baseball cap